Colored Thursday

I'm too pooped to write anything interesting tonight, but I'd like to direct you lovely ladies over to Alienman's newest blog post, a great piece on how just standing in someone else's shoes can turn a situation a complete 180. Too often, we let our preconceived notions color a situation, and I was definitely humbled in learning how fast I jump to conclusions.

The post was definitely a huge reminder that life is never black and white. Nor should it ever be--why settle for two boring extremes when you can have every color of the rainbow? Even those hovering above sprinklers.


Glow Chaser said...

I love rainbows and starry nights come to think about it!

Whenever I go back home to East Africa the night skies are spectacular! The stars feel so close I sometimes feel as though I can touch them! Haha

Its probably because I am bang on the Equator there but I get such an amazing view of the milkyway.

Thanks for your comments btw!

Glow Chaser said...

me again!

Just passing by to tag you!

Anastasia said...

I'm assuming your blog title, and subtitle was inspired by the Don McClean song? I love that song, I was humming it all morning and disappointed I couldn't find it on my iPod.
I don't know if it's under V for Vincent, S for Starry, or D for Don McClean, but it's vanished. >: