Of Jung and Dreams--Archetype swatches (Neutrals)

A warning in advance: this post is going to be super long.

This third part of swatches are of all of the neutrals. If you're interested in the other colors, blues and greens can be found here, and pinks and purples (as well as a red) can be found here.

Once again, here are all of the swatches. They are, from left to right: Queen of the Nile, Child of Hounds, Dungeon, Luna, Submissive, Smoking Mirror, Little Grey Kitten, Samhain Eve, Beetlewing, Poppy Tea, Xibalba, Ornaments of Gold, Bengal, Lacuna.

Indoor light, no flash:
Outdoor light, no flash:

Golds, Bronzes:
Indoor light, no flash:
Outdoor light, no flash:
(from left to right, bottom row in both pictures)
Queen of the Nile
My description: Pure gold, of course. It runs a little bronzey, but I like it that way
Archetype's description: Regal gold yet very wearable. Tarnished beige gold with lots of gold sparkle, applies rather translucent. Sort of an old gold type of color, not brassy. The gold sparkle is incredibly intense.

Child of Hounds
My description: Orange with gold mixed in. Green sparkles, of all things!
Archetype's description: This unique color has a warm pale apricot look in the pot. Applied it becomes even more unusual. It retains the apricot undertone, but then the intense green shimmer shows up clearly, and the light russet sparkle is apparent. Tilt it at an acute angle, and the green iridesence disappears and flashes into pink. Despite the everything-and-the-kitchen-sink description, it is actually surprisingly wearable. The warmth is understated and the effect is reasonably translucent. (Somewhat like Autumn Leaves, but more translucent and less orangey, and with russet sparkle rather than silver.)

My description: Warm sparkly chocolate brown
Archetype's description: Warm golden brown, moderate gold shimmer, very very wearable and flattering. Medium tone. Very basic and universally flattering brown, not flashy, though there is some shimmer present.

Indoor light, no flash:Outdoor light, no flash:
(from left to right. The first two shades under indoor light are Child of Hounds and Dungeon, and I am missing Luna under outdoor light)

My description: Silvery taupe. If this is what the moon looks like, when can I move there?
Archetype's description: Silvery brownish taupe with an intense silvery sparkle. This is a wee bit more grey than Submissive, but is still in the "perfect cool taupe" range. Shot through with intense silver sparkles. Applies rather opaque with a silky undertone. (Picture is a bit more grey than it actually is.)

My description: Luna’s quiet cousin. Less silvery sheen, browner (Luna looks similar under outdoor light, just much, much more shimmery)
Archetype's description: Taupe but hardly drab. This color has all the wearability of the best taupes, and it's the ideal mix of grey and light brown. Loaded with shimmer, to make it stand out from the crowd.

Smoking Mirror
My description: Grapy taupe with silver sparkles
Archetype's description: Utterly unique- this color is a medium to dark greypurplebrown and applies opaque with intense silver sparkle. The subtle base color appears greyish at first glance, but reveals hints of brown, violet, and even an almost-imaginary blue. There is also a fairly intense iridescent quality too- tilt this at an acute angle and it flashes pink, with a light silvery green being the highlight color. This is similar in base color to Beetlewing, Silk or Cydonia, but with less intense green iridescent highlight, and with mega sparkle. Not lip safe.

Little Grey Kitten
My description: Silver with hints of taupe (dirty brush? I hope not—I like it)
Archetype's description: Silver with intense silver sparkles. Opaque, and has a bit of grey tarnish to it. (Gorgeous with Low Red Moon lipgloss!) This is one of the most sparkly shades we have.

Samhain Eve
My description: Smoking Mirror’s browner sister
Archetype's description: A dark solemn shimmery greyed brownish taupe, enlivened with a playful silver sparkle. Applies pearly opaque with moderate amount of silver sparkle.

Dark browns, blacks
Indoor light, no flash:Outdoor light, no flash:
(from left to right. Beetlewing is a little cut off under outdoor light, sorry)

My description: Brown taupe with grey green sheen (I thought this would be like Adorned With Grace’s Ingenious eyeshadow, but no, it's not as pretty)
Archetype's description: Shimmery multilayered color- the most striking aspect is the iridescent green highlight, with a neutral grey/purple/taupe base. This is similar to Silk, but lighter in tone and more iridescent. Not lip safe.

Poppy Tea
My description: Pretty golden bronze with gold sheen. It seems like MAC’s Tea Time from what I played with in the store.
Archetype's description: Addictively seductive. Mimics brown, without really being brown- it's a blackened golden intense shimmer with a bare hint of pinkorange iridescence.

My description: Golden bronze with BLUE! sparkles. Exciting!
Archetype's description: According to Mayan legend, Xibalba ("Place of Fear") is the name of the entrance to the Underworld, ruled by Demons; traditionally believed to be a cave in Guatamala. A warm coppery golden brown with intense blue sparkle. Metallic and opaque.

Ornaments of Gold
My description: Black with (obviously) gold & (not so obviously) bronze sparkles
Archetype's description: A great liner when wet, this is a deep velvet black with packed with MEGA gold sparkle.

My description: Warm dark grey with silver and gold sparkles. Not exactly what I had in mind.
Archetype's description: The color of a Bengal kitty's coat- a pretty honey brown with strong sparkle. Has some grey tones and is a darker shade of brown.

My description: Black hole-black with silver, almost blue sparkles
Archetype's description: Absence- deepest black with intense silver sparkle. Good liner color.

And that's it! Oh, I wanted to add here. Remember how last post I talked about how Archetype doesn't apply dry? Well, apparently it doesn't come off either.

These are pic after I ran my swatched arm under water, rubbed lightly, and patted it dry.

I had to use makeup remover and elbow grease to get it off in the end (Integra's Dog II held on 'til the end. You might want to use a base under this color if you don't want staining).

So what did you guys think? Any colors that popped out at you? (How would you like swatches to be organized in the future?)

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