Of Jung and Dreams--Archetype swatches (Pinks, Purples)

A warning in advance: this post is going to be super long.

Onto the next batch of swatches. If you're post-hopping, the blue and green swatches can be found here, and the neutral swatches can be found here.

I think I need to note here that Archetype needs to be foiled. I applied all of the swatches wet (no base), but I didn't know how essential this was, until my roommate started rubbing it into her skin dry. She couldn't even get the colors onto her hand.

Anyway, here are all of the pinks and purples in a row. From left to right, they are: Verre de soie, Spun sugar, Frozen Charlotte, Burlesque Revival, Katerina, Madame Terpsichore, Southern Twilight, Lethe, Maxfield Blue, Dark Ouija, and the two outliers Red Death and Integra's Dog II.

Indoor light, no flash:

Outdoor light, no flash:

Light pinks, purples:
Indoor light, no flash(bottom row):

Outdoor light, no flash(top rows):
(from left to right. Ignore how it looks like I have Lyme's disease. I swatched too wet, and some of the swatches flake)
Verre de soie
My description: Color shift: white to chalk pink. I keep forgetting I don't do well with whitish eye shadows.
Archetype's description: The 'silk glass' of the same name created by Steuben has this exact muted iridescence. Translucent silvery sheen with a shifting iridescent highlight that appears green, purple, silver, or pink, with a purple sparkle to give it a kick.

Spun sugar
My description: Goes on light fuschia, dries to warm cotton candy
Archetype's description: Sweet but never bland. A soft pale pink with a major green iridescent flash and some pale gold shimmer.

Frozen Charlotte
My description: Chalk lavender. Argh.
Archetype's description: Doll-like and icy. A sheer translucent bluish shimmer with just the barest hint of lavender undertones. Not lip safe.

Burlesque Revival
My description: Silver pinky taupe. Puuuurdy~~ (Padmita did a really gorgeous FOTD with this color)
Archetype's description: Looks dove grey in the pot, and in the picture, but when applied it reveals a spectacular pinkish iridescence and a moderate silver sparkle. Applies fairly opaque.

My description: Remember that purple eyeshadow you had in middle school? Yup, this is the more elegant, sparkly silver version
Archetype's description: This is a hard to find color- a soft pale lavender purple with an intense gold sparkle. While it isn't apparent when applied there is a bit of silver sparkle mixed too, to keep the gold from diluting the color too much. The pale violet remains noticeable on skin but it is a very light shade, and the gold is very sparkly. Opaque and while pale, not really a highlight shade, too much color.

Madame Terpsichore
My description: Warm light purple. SPARKLE EVERYWHERE. My roommate loves how sparkly it is, but I'm...not a fan.
Archetype's description: An ultra sparkly pale color somewhere between taupe, grey, and purple- it tends to look like you have several shades on your eye. This is very similar in tone to Gloomy Sunday, but the silvery sparkle is kicked up a few notches to become very intense, and the color is a just a bit deeper too. This is one of the most sparkly colors we offer.

Southern Twilight
My description: Grey muted plum, subdued silvery sheen
Archetype's description: Twilight below the Mason-Dixon line has a peculiar purple tinge. Deep grey with a cool bruised-violet undertone and a silvery shimmer. The color is primarily grey when applied, the purple is very subtle. Not lip safe.

Dark purples, reds:
Indoor light, no flash:

Outdoor light, no flash:(from left to right. First swatch under indoor lighting is Southern Twilight. I'm missing outdoor shots of Lethe. Oops)
My description: Bluish purple
Archetype's description: The depths will lull you, then pull you under. Iridescent turquoise and purple flash over hypnotic grey depths. Not lip safe.

Maxfield Blue
My description: Slightly bluer than Lethe
Archetype's description: That particular vivid blue found in Maxfield Parrish's skies. Sort of a rich, deep twilight color, not navy though, almost a darker denim with green and purple sparkle. Not lip safe. (Picture is a bit pale.)

Dark Ouija
My description: The website swears Lethe, Maxfield Blue and Dark Ouija are completely different colors. Right. Dark Ouija may be slightly darker than the other two, but that’s about it.
Archetype's description: The complexity and depth of this color is difficult to photograph, let alone describe. The base color is almost a dark shimmery navy blue, yet it has some purple and grey mixed in with it. It has the same iridescence as Kitsune- a purple flash shows at certain angles. Not lip safe.

Red Death
My description: Black with purple and red sparkles.
Archetype's description: Deepest night-sky black shot through with intense red sparkle. Great as a wet-liner. (Impossible to photograph well- the red sparkle won't show as red in the pic.)

Integra’s Dog II
My description: Shiny, deep warm red. Blood? Yep. (I'm pretty sure this is a reference to Hellsing, in which case, yay! That makes the color even cooler than it already is)
Archetype's description: This is the deeper, clotted blood version. On my pale skin, this is more of an almost burgundy red, but still bloody and intense with red sparkles.

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Anonymous said...

First and foremost, thanks for the swatches and personal descriptions. It helps when deciding what to buy.
I believe it's actually okay to put them on dry. However, you need a base if you're going to do that.
I put them on dry all the time (just with a base).