Maybe this makeup thing is getting out of hand.

Last night, I was flipping through my notes for class, probably less than totally focused, when a lecture slide suddenly jumped out at me, like my brother half past midnight.

No, I didn't scream and kick it in the shin. However, I did probably yelp and flail around for a bit, before settling down...and running for my makeup.

What was this miraculous slide?

Additives for Adhesives
-Primers: to improve bonding of the adhesive. Coatings applied to the adherent surface.
-Solvents: to modify the viscosity of the adhesive.
-Tackifiers: to improve the stickiness or capacity to form a bond between adhesive and adherent once they are in contact.
-Fillers: solid inclusions to reduce cost and improve cohesive strength.


Now, for those of you who didn't hit that little red "x" up there in the corner in disgust, thank you for indulging in my little moment of insanity. See, the little lightbulb that popped above my head probably a giant neon billboard, spelling out in all its gawdy glory, SIXTEEN HOURS OF MAKEUP, BABY!

Let me explain: We're going over a chapter on adhesives at the moment for one of my classes, and Starry is currently in an ongoing battle with floating foundation (you know, where you come home to foundation and concealer swimming in oil away from places they should be). Now, I'm not willing to part with my current foundation, since it really is the best I've come across, so what can I do? Add additives, of course.

My skin hates silicones, so I can't use half of the primers out there, including most of everyone's Holy Grails. Boo. So what did I use instead? Kanebo Media Make Up Base. I have no idea what's in it, save that it contains deap-sea collagen and has SPF 22. It's fairly cheap, it goes on smoothly, and it clings like Saran Wrap. (Dang it, I should've bought 20 more bottles of it when I was in Asia!)

I mixed my foundation with my lotion, to make it easier to spread, as a solvent does.

Since the foundation isn't holding on hard enough, I spritzed homemade mixing medium(1 part glycerin to 3 parts water) on the powder, then pressed it in, to help hold it in place.

I thought the point of foundation is to not cake it on, so no fillers for me! However, I took the liberty to dust everything with finishing dust, to set everything and to keep my oilies under check.

And the verdict?

Love it! I came home from five hours of work, and nothing moved! Usually by this time, my foundation has sifted a tiny bit and and my forehead has started getting "dewy". Today, I didn't even need to blot!

Real test will be tomorrow, when I'm clocking over 15 hours in makeup, with at least 2 or 3 sweating in dish room.


Glow Chaser said...

Hahahaha! Hope you got some sleep!

Thanks for lurking! Its nice to get a message though, come back soon!

Oh yes....I have found another amazing illuminator! Can't dish the news yet....I have to keep you in suspense for while! haha


Anastasia said...

You employ science to solve make-up woes! Can I keep you?

Personally, I don't have particularly oily or dry skin (except for my chin, which drives me loopy) but am paranoid about shine and redness, so have to coat liquid foundation in blotting powder before I can leave the house. Then a MAC Mineralised Skin Finish so I'm not TOO matte, then blush...

Does it ever strike you as odd that we use primer, foundation, finishing powder et cetera, all to eradicate traces of red on our skin, and then apply blush?