Contest entry

Ack. So I'm clearly not getting any sleep until my class in an hour. So I might as well post this instead of putting it off until forever. I was also planning on another entry before scaring y'all with my mug, but hey, disorder's always in a hurry, right?

Anastasia's hosting a contest over on her blog, to create up to 5 unique looks. There's still a little under a week left, so enter!

I was inspired by the Greek legend of Ouranos and Gaia, the really effed up Sky and the Earth.



Ouranos is the son and lover of Gaia. He is often depicted as a bronze dome, studded with the stars (silver and gold in my mind). Ouranos, or Uranus as the Romans later knew him, was also sometimes seen as Aion, the timeless one, father of Time, which in my mind, further pounds home the imagery of metals.


I tried to portray this by putting gold on the lid, smoking bronze a little past the crease, and lining with silver. The highlight under the brow is also a teeny bit of silver. For the blush I think I used tarte cheek stain in Fierce, an elegant red. The lips are, I think, a bronze lip gloss mixed with something with silver in it.



Gaia is the mother of all the gods, and quite the temptress! Ouranos was only one of her lovers. She helped her sons/grandsons overthrow their father when Ouranos tried to lock them away, and helped her descendants when history repeated itself a generation later.


Gaia is independent and unpredicable, and I tried to recreate that by adding a pop of lime green to the inner half of a basic brown smokey eye (am not good at blending. Apologies). The cheeks are tarte cheek stain in Chic, a fun peach. The lips were originally nude, but i dabbed Chic on top, because the look was too dead for one as alive as Gaia! The end look was perhaps a bit younger than what I was aiming for, but hey, a lady never shows her true age. ;P


Anastasia said...

Woohoo, the second entry! I love it, especially Gaia's (but then, as you know, I love green), and I am so jealous D: You have like, the perfect lips, what the eff. Gimmie.

Wonderful! <3 I think you blend well, you have gorgeously shaped eyes and highlight different parts really well :3 Darn pretty asian girls >:

fuzkittie said...

Wooo I really like the look of Ouranos, the eyes are gorgeous!

Anastasia said...

Haha, are you serious? I barely HAVE cheekbones. I have a REALLY chubby face (I'm 21, and about a week ago I was asked for ID to prove I was 16 or over) but I use a lot of face products to try and create the illusion of cheekbones.

You can have my cheekbones! Here's the recipe:

-Good foundation
-MAC Mineralized Skin Finish (I use Petticoat)
-The perfect natural blush for you
-A blush/foundation darker than your natural skin tone to contour with (I use MAC Blush in Strada)
-MAC 168 brush

The MAC MSF is my highlight because of the shimmer, so I use it along my actual cheekbones and just above the contour of my face (You know when you suck your face into the pucker-fish shape), the dark blush I contour with down the sides of my face, under my chin and in the hollow of my cheeks (pucker-fish!) and then I brush a little blush just above where the hollow is, and then usually have to try and blend it all out with foundation again x.o;

Murr, I use a combination of MAC and the wonderful Coastal Scents brushes.

And no, they won't let me return the mascara, unless I find a way to destroy it >:

cheryl said...

these are beautiful looks & very creative...good luck on the contest!

about the taer icelandic product, it costs more in milan because i'm guessing there's tax, shipment and all that...but 5 euro more is not too bad.

Anastasia said...

You win a specially-invented-just-now runner-up prize for the Gaia look in the November contest, 'cause I loooove it, and because I love you for your inspiration.

I don't know exactly what the prize is, yet. There'll certainly be a lot of samples from my own Beauty From The Earth mineral collection (and I have about 25) and some other goodies as well.

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